SOMA Coffee x Fairmarch Pop-up Booth

We were excited to have our very first pop-up booth ever at SOMA Coffee! This trendy establishment at Tanjong Pagar is the 3rd outlet from an Indonesian speciality chain that grows and processes their own coffee. All the coffee served here is sourced from their Javanero factory in West Java.

Booth in front of SOMA Coffee

The name SOMA actually means moon in Sundanese (the local dialect of West Java) or a refreshing drink in Sanskrit. The freshly brewed coffee is definitely a refreshing treat in the middle of a workday!

We had a great time during our week-long event there. Our adorable Crochet Mini Pal Keychains were particularly popular with the office crowd. We also got to befriend the owner of SOMA, Mr Indradi Soemardjan, who shared a lot about sustainability and impacting the Indonesian coffee industry.

Thanks again SOMA Coffee for having us!

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