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Lollipop Towels crafted with love by seniors from Lions Befrienders (Ghim Moh). Available in 4 colours.


Knock, knock, who's there? Lift up my hoodie to see!


Truly a massive undertaking, the Flower Pot(tery) doubles up as a solid vase/container for long objects or you can even use it as a flower pot! Flowers and their petals adorn the sides of the craft. Meticulously pinched to form, Hiew Siew Khurn can proudly call this piece her biggest and greatest creation to date!


Thread of Courage's handmade backrests are cute and comforting! Their adorable appearance makes them great accessories for the office.


Aromatic Scented Woodwick Candles, packed with love by Aunty Susan, a Stage 4 Lung Cancer Warrior


This Dog Huggy features an adorable expression that’s impossible not to love. Bring home a Dog Huggy today for your loved ones!


A Plant-Based Waterless Everyday Use Body Wash for Sensitive Skin


A beautiful Silver Bookmark, packed with love by Eileen, a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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