Threads of Courage (a Feiyue community project)

Threads of Courage is a community project that empower individuals who are unable to secure or retain employment, providing an opportunity for participants to supplement their household income through the equipping of sewing skills to make products for sale.
Threads of Courage is a community project by Fei Yue Family Service Centre targeted at individuals who fall through the cracks. Unable to find or secure permanent employment because of health or family circumstances, these individuals are keen and motivated to learn skills and earn a supplementary income for their families. Threads of Courage equips individuals with sewing skills to make products and allow these individuals to sell the items and keep the profits.
Threads of Courage believes in empowering these individuals to take control and change their situations. We believe in providing sustainable forms of help that allows client to adopt the “I can do it” attitude.
These products are great as gifts and can be purchased at our pop-up booths, through private orders as well as corporate orders! We are also constantly on the look out for sponsors and like-minded partners to come alongside us in this journey of empowering these individuals.


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