About Us


We make connecting to impact organisations easy, fast and convenient.


By making their products more accessible, impact organisations are empowered to sell more.


We help impact organisations increase sales, allowing them to create even more impact.

Why We Do It

Fairmarch believes in leveraging on the power of technology to support impact organisations in Singapore and scale their impact on their beneficiaries.

Many companies do corporate gifting. How can we encourage more meaningful and sustainable forms of gifting?

Many social service agencies and social enterprises need help in marketing their products.

How can we bring the attention of businesses and consumers to these unique, socially responsible products?

These issues and questions led to the birth of Fairmarch.

We are a commerce platform for impact organisations such as social service agencies and social enterprises. We provide end-to-end support to bring quality products made by beneficiaries to consumers.


Our team at Social Innovation Festival 2018

 Pop-up Booths 

We often pop up from place to place to bring our socially responsible products nearer to you.

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Fairmarch’s sharing with Essec Business School

 Talks and Sharings 

From students to fellow social entrepreneurs, we love sharing our experience with others and sharing with them too.

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