About Us

Hello, thanks for stopping by! Fairmarch is a marketplace for socially and environmentally responsible products, empowering businesses that have a socially driven mission.

The Fairmarch Philosophy and People

The Fairmarch Culture

What does Fairmarch mean?

In addition to being a fair market (or marché), we want to raise awareness for social and environmental issues, provide more opportunities for our partners as well as encourage inclusive practices for the disadvantaged and differently abled.

Our Vision

Imagine a future where every dollar spent contributes to a better world. That’s how Fairmarch started when we envisioned a one-stop marketplace offering a sustainable source of revenue for socially driven businesses while enabling consumers to support the causes they believe in. We believe in the power of the consumer to effect positive change. You, the customer, are in the most influential position to bring a better future forward.

Translating this vision into reality, we launched our platform in 2019. In spite of the odds against us, we created a community that connects like-minded people who want to do good with businesses that are driving social impact.

What Do We Stand For?

While this road remains long and winding, what keeps us going is the knowledge that we are spending time on the things that matter. Quoting Lao Tzu, “千里之行,始於足下” (translated: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step), we see ourselves and for that matter, anyone being able to make an impact one step at a time. By supporting our partners, you will enable them to drive impact in the following ways.

Differently Abled

Enable persons with disabilities to achieve their aspirations as our partners engage them to provide products and services that would give them a sustainable income.


Empower persons from disadvantaged backgrounds to be recognised for their abilities as well as talent. Through our partners’ support, they are able to earn a sustainable income.


Champion the movement to protect our planet by supporting our partner’s eco-friendly products and services.

The Change Makers

Victor Chua, Co-founder


To run this race, you need to stay focused and not be afraid to fail as this is also the learning process.”

Being an enabler is especially important to Victor, who grew up with an autistic brother and witnessed several people close to him experience mental health issues. Building on the amazing work done by the social enterprises and social service organizations, Victor is driving further growth for them through Fairmarch.

Edwin Tan, Connections Builder


“Life is like a game of chess. I cannot undo the moves but I can make the next step better.”

Edwin is a para chess athlete who has not let his visual impairment hinder his dreams. He seeks to be a change maker and empower the community of persons with disabilities. Advocating for inclusivity, Edwin believes in a future where the differently abled have equal opportunities and everyone’s contribution is valued.

Jorena Tan, Co-founder, Social Media Maven


“Do not let your inability hinder you from achieving your dreams. The only limitation is self doubt.”

Like others, Jorena typically completed her schooling from mainstream primary school to university. What is made more challenging during her journey is that she is deaf. She was helped and supported by many around her and is now inspired to pay forward.

Building an inclusive and sustainable future might seem like a stretched goal but this can be a reality and each of us has a part to play. Show your support for these businesses. Shop for good HERE!