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Are you trying to manage your weight? Improve your nutrient intake? Consume more consciously?

Wherever you are in your health journey, Revive has something to offer. Their granola line makes easy on-the-go snacks, while their Pina Colada flavoured Overnight Oats is sure to spice up your weekend breakfast bowl. 

We got the chance to interview Revive founder Clayton Tan about how the business got started, his passion for nutrition and the children’s charities each purchase gives back to.

Please introduce yourself, when you started Revive, and share one interesting fact about yourself!

My name is Clayton and I started Revive in 2020 during the pandemic. One interesting fact about me is that I was a Fire Engineer in the construction industry before embarking on my entrepreneurship journey with Revive.

How and why did you start Revive?

I started Revive because I truly believe that when it comes to healthy food, no one should compromise on taste for health. With that strong belief, I started Revive alone with the focus to formulate tasty and healthy products that will be sold online. At the same time, I wanted to build a business around doing good for our environment and community. From there I first picked up the skills to develop a website and at the same time did a lot of R&D in my own kitchen. Thereafter, I formed partnerships with various suppliers to get my products ready to be sold online.

Revive's Matcha Granola, Cashews & Almonds - 250g

Could you share a bit about the product development process, the challenges in sourcing ingredients and developing recipes etc. ?

There were many challenges during the development process. Probably one too many to mention in this interview. I’ll probably just share 2 main challenges. The 2 main challenges are 1. pricing and 2. packaging material and design

Pricing: The challenge here is to strike a balance on quality of the ingredients and a price point where it is still affordable for our customers and profitable for Revive to continue doing what we do.

Packaging material and design: Without any F&B background, I had to do a lot of research on suitable packaging and understand the different types that are food-safe. I even bought my competitor’s product to study. And then I referred to a lot of the SFA guidelines online to know the bare minimum information that is needed to be on the packaging. I am also not a designer myself, so the product packaging I went for was a minimalist approach with simple text and brand logo on a sticker. I went through a lot of rounds in redesigning the label on the packaging to try to come up with something simple but appealing.

Overnight Oats Pina Colada (Pineapple)
Overnight Oats Pina Colada (Pineapple) – 300g

Your website emphasises not just the qualities of your products but also educating your readers. Do you have a background in nutrition and diet? What was your journey in learning about healthy foods like? Do you have any tips or words of encouragement to share with our readers who are trying to improve their diet?

I was always interested in food nutrition and health ever since when I was young. I think it is mainly because of the influence that came from my mum. My mum is a nurse working at Mount Alvernia Hospital. When I was young, she would educate me on the types of foods that are good for my health. From there, I took interest and read a lot of books on nutrition and how I can better my health with wholefoods. Whatever knowledge I’ve learned through books I’ve applied it to my lifestyle and it really worked for me. I naturally felt better, less lethargic, and more confident about myself when I changed my lifestyle and eating habits.

As for tips / words of encouragement, I would say, “being healthy should be a lifestyle and not a destination”. Begin with small changes to your lifestyle or habits which you think you need to work on. And a healthy lifestyle does not mean you deprive yourself of indulging in good food. Stick to an 80/20 plan where you eat healthy 80% of the time and treat yourself with food you love 20% of the time.

Revive Booth
Revive booth

Can you talk more about the children charities that you donate to? Why did you choose these charities?

We made a donation to Children Cancer Foundation (CCF) Singapore via a fundraiser back in 2020. This year, we decided to make a permanent commitment to support disadvantaged children through the different charities in Singapore.

The children’s charities we are supporting:

    1. Children Cancer Foundation Singapore (CCF)
    2. Children’s Wishing Well
    3. The Children’s Charities Association of Singapore

We chose these charities because they are invested in helping disadvantaged children in at least one of the following areas:

    1. Build a strong foundation to contribute as valuable members of society.
    2. Build positive and supportive relationships with family and peers.
    3. With daily living needs.
    4. Develop hard and soft skills to prepare them for their future.
    5. Improve academic performance and education attainment.
    6. Improve their quality of life.
    7. Access to positive adult role models.
Revive founders with happy customers at a booth.

What is your current favourite way to eat granola, overnight oats and nut butters?

For granola I like to eat them with yoghurt (natural or Greek yoghurt is great) topped with fresh fruits!

For overnight oats I like to prepare them using oat milk or rice milk as they are naturally sweet! Sometimes I will add in a dollop of natural nut butter for an extra boost of flavour and nutrition.

Nut butters (especially cashew), to be honest I like eating them right from the jar with a spoon lol. If not it will be on toasts and in my cooking like thickening of soups and sauces. If it is on the weekends, I like to make pancakes / waffles and drizzle nut butter over them!

Overnight Oats
Overnight Oats serving suggestion

What's next for Revive?

The next stage for Revive is to really amp up on our brand awareness, marketing efforts and sales. We are doing so by expanding our services for B2B customers, like corporate gift packs, pantry snacks, hotel amenities, supplying to cafes and restaurants etc. We hope to have a strong branding in Singapore within the next 2 years and have our products sold beyond our shores a year after.

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Written by Sheena Hong

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