Young Children With Learning Challenges Empowered with Literacy at Learning Vessels

As part of a “We are Empowered” series, we have partnered Greendot Media Pte Ltd to share uplifting stories of individuals who have faced challenging circumstances and how they have chosen to live their lives.

Despite Singapore being a highly literate society, there still remains a small group of young children from less privileged backgrounds who struggle to read or write due to a lack of language exposure 🍎 and support from their families. With a belief that no child should be left behind, the Learning Vessels works closely with charities to provide literacy- and intervention-based programmes for the children. 📖

Find out more about how the 3 co-founders of Learning Vessels, Hsin Ee, Sharon and April 👩‍🏫 are helping young children with their programmes and educational products. Every purchase contributes to empowering the children with literacy. Check out their store now.

Video credit: Greendot Media Pte Ltd

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