Meaningful and (Most Awesome) Gifts For Every Budget: “Counting On You” Bazaar Gift Guide

Gifting season is upon us! And for many it may seem like a test of 1. your creativity and 2. how well you know your loved ones.

But fret not! In this article, we’ll walk you through our picks at every price point from the “Counting-on-you” Giving Bazaar, where every dollar you spend contributes to making our world a better place.

About the Bazaar

The “Counting-on-you” Giving Bazaar is organized by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, sponsored by Deloitte SG, EY SG, KPMG in Singapore, PwC SG and involves 14 outreach partners.

With over 60 vendors participating in the event this year, you’re bound to find that perfect gift for that special someone.

Under $20

As plant-lovers ourselves, we believe that growing your own edibles is one of the most empowering experiences. That’s why we recommend you check out these Recycled Paper Seed Pens. It’s a great way to introduce your loved ones to gardening and a sustainable lifestyle. Purple & Pure prides themselves on providing zero waste products that are socially and ecologically responsible. They believe even the smallest of changes made every day can have a big impact on our future.

Did you know that journaling helps to improve your mood, control anxiety and develop positive self-talk? With increased screen time and reduced social interactions this year, gifting this Hardcover Linen Journal by Cocoachnutty to anyone is a great reminder for them to take time for themselves and enjoy precious moments. Additionally, each journal comes with a free gift card and surprise journal prompt.

Show your support for mental health by supporting Cocoachnutty, a registered social enterprise that aims to make mental healthcare more affordable and provide resources to support people living with mental illness.

A holiday special to celebrate the season’s flavours, the Gollymint takes Oh My Goodness!’s best-selling moist and delicious Signature Dark Chocolate Cake to a whole other level.

A comforting option for the sweet-tooth in your life, this product includes 3 Signature Dark Chocolate Cupcakes topped with a peppermint cashew frosting packaged in a gorgeous gift box. The cupcakes are gluten, grain and dairy-free and the frosting is made of cashews, coconut and maple – NOT icing sugar.

Is there someone in your life who’s always carrying knick-knacks around in their bag? This chic, zipped wrist pouch made from durable fabric is a charming organizational item with a touch of whimsy – a delicately sewn Peranakan Woman plush attached to one side of the pouch.

Through this purchase, you’ll be supporting Singapore Anglican Community Services to help our community through their three pillars of services – Psychiatric Services, Senior Services, and Family and Children Services.

This adorable plushie is perfect for a desktop, a gentle daily inspiration of the wonders of nature and our stewardship of this beautiful planet. Or a toddler who’s starting to enjoy impressing adults by naming more animals than we can! But the World Wildlife Fund is not monkeying around! This soft toy is made to meet the German Blue Angel Standard – the highest certification for products that are environmentally friendly and healthy. Tested for pollutants, safety and social aspects of raw materials extraction and the manufacturing of the end product, this is a great option if you’d like to support worldwide conservation and wildlife protection.

These bags are lovingly sewn by caregivers of persons living with dementia attending Family of Wisdom (Bendemeer), an enrichment programme by Dementia Singapore. They hope to raise awareness on dementia, and contribute back in a meaningful way. Each bag has a unique design and comes in different colours and patterns. It also comes with a hidden compartment where you can keep your valuables.


Looking for a customized gift for you and your partner? Evol Studio’s You and Me hand crafted puzzle keychains might fit the bill! Personalise this gift with your chosen colours and words, and show your loved one how much they mean to you. Not only that, you’ll be showing your support for the differently abled youths, and their mothers, who have lovingly created these items. This product comes with a gift box and bag.

These Creatigift charms are absolutely adorable. They’ll add a pop of Christmas joy and festive colour to anyone’s life. “I do what I love so it doesn’t feel like a job while creating beautiful charms for my clients” – Creatigift. Each charm is adorned with real Swarovski Crystals. Lead time is 7 days, so don’t wait too long!

Why not give the hands-on creative in your life this Mural Lingo Natural Pigment workshop? The Natural Pigment Workshop teaches the use of plant-derived pigments for artistic expression. Fruit and vegetable plant pigments have been around since ancient times and are enjoying a resurgence today as more and more of us try to filter out synthetic products and opt for greener alternatives. Mural Lingo is a socially and environmentally conscious enterprise that reinvests a proportion of their profits into organizing projects and supporting initiatives that encourage the use of art as a tool to raise awareness and promote critical dialogue on key societal issues. So what are you waiting for? Register soon as there are only sessions on 18th December!

Give a warm, hearty hug in a box with Metta Café’s cozy Jolly Gift Box. These festive-shaped cookies are eggless, freshly-baked, suitable for vegetarians and Halal-certified. They are baked by youths with mild intellectual disability and/or autism. Bring joy to your loved one’s life while supporting the Metta School and their mission to help their students achieve economic independence, self reliance and build confidence.

If you’re looking for a sustainable wellness & living option, here’s a gift set from My Naked Bar. This set comes complete with one of their top selling cold process bars plus their dream Avant Garde soap dish and a sisal soap saver bag. Help the busy ones in your life slow down with scent and shower therapy!

For the skin-care lovers in your life who are in need of a little extra pampering, we recommend Coco Veda’s You Glow Glen Coco exclusive holiday bundle. The bundle consists of 1 Chamomile and Rose Facial Wash and 1 Facial Cream. They even throw in 1 FREE lip balm to beef up this set. This bundle is ideal for hydrating your face and leaving a natural youthful glow.


It’s truly hard to go wrong with ham! This Traditional Honey Baked Ham is sure to add the extra festive touch to your Christmas spread this year! What’s more, the leftovers make a great Boxing Day sandwich or fried rice! Order yours now and support Iron Nori’s Special Needs Crew!

Finding alternatives to ‘fast fashion’? Why not check out this upcycled, hand-woven, one-of-a-kind handbag! With trendy cobalt blue woven in with pops of red and orange,  this purse sure makes a statement. Not only does it reduce the waste that goes into rubbish dumps, Craftsg_0606 also gives back 50% of the profits back to charities!

Old made new with a vintage feel? This unique Singapore map poster by rehyphen is weaved out of discarded cassette tapes and video tapes to help reduce the global e-waste. For the music lover, don’t worry, the original cassette album name is written behind each poster.

You can also drop them a message if you want to customise your city. 

This limited edition gift set from SUN-DAC consists of a set of reusable organic cotton facial rounds, Espoir Botanicals Face Cleanser Mask, Baking Soda Free Deodorant Powder, Lemon Face & Body Organic Soap and IRA Tinted Lip Balm in shade Thai Milk. All these zero waste essentials are packed inside an eco-friendly, biodegradable paper house gift box which is reclaimed stock surplus from a local shop closure, under their Circular Packaging Alliance. A great way to introduce someone to a sustainable lifestyle!

Here’s a lovely gift for the youths in your life who might need a little encouragement with whatever challenges they might be facing. The gift box comes with a special collaboration colouring book with Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship Programme, a program fully funded and run by Halogen to support the growth journey of youths from underserved communities. The initiative was created with three themes over three months to mirror a journey of an entrepreneur, from a come-up of new ideas, to turning them into reality, to ride through moments of adversity and steer forward. A meaningful gift for a meaningful cause.

> $100

For the baker in your life, perhaps gift them an even more hands-on approach to bread-making. With the Ground-Up Initiative’s (GUI) Wood-fired Artisan Bread Workshop, your loved one will pick their own fresh herbs, hand-knead the dough and watch it rise in GUI’s special Earth Oven! GUI is a non-profit society all about reconnecting people with the earth by using organic and permaculture approaches to agriculture. Check out their store for other wood-working workshops!

Do you have an art collector in your life? Local painter Thain Lin contributes his watercolor and ink paintings to aid the Yong-en Cares charity. Purchasing the artwork will not only bring some artistic flair into your loved one’s home, but also go a long way in supporting low income families and elderly care.

One of the best ways to show someone you care is to buy them something that’s good for their health. Juice Stories has put together a Juice Nourishment Programme consisting of 30 bottles (+2 bonus) delivered over 5 weeks. A perfect weekly reminder to your loved one that you’re thinking of them and that health is wealth!

There you have it, 20 ideas at every price point for you to shop consciously this year. Every dollar spent at the “Counting-on-you” Gifting Bazaar this year goes to a great cause. Shop now before stocks run out! Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

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