Shop Meaningfully This Christmas At i’mable Gift Market – Here Are The Best Gifts You Can Buy

Make this season of joy and giving even more special by shopping at i’mable Gift Market, which spotlights over 20 social service agencies and social enterprises supporting the disability community. From Tote Bags to Paintings to Gift Baskets, the items featured are all produced by persons with disabilities. Our carefully curated list will surely meet your budget range as well as satisfy your urge for a unique gift.

Under $10

Decorate Xmas Tree Tile Magnet, $3.50

Brighten up your Christmas tree with this cute tile magnet.

I am a Very Special Notebook, $7.00

Load your gift with meaning with this Christmas with this notebook that encourages us to look beyond appearances.

Stylomilo Pin Badge Card, $8.90

Warm someone’s heart with this quirky pin badge, which comes with a greeting card. There’s also a matching sticker to seal your envelope for your recipient to unveil your heartfelt messages.

$10 - $20

PU Leather Mask Cover – Empower Warriors with Special Needs, $10​

This mask cover is perfect for someone out and about frequently. Laser engravings are also available for that extra touch!

Singapre Themed Tote Bag: Singapore Cuisine, $10.60​

Mark this festive season with Singapore’s iconic cuisines.

Keychain – Dog with Gold Ring, $13

Designed by an artist with special-needs, this metallic keychain of man’s best friend will perk up anyone’s spirits.

Pouch, $15​

The cute illustration in bright colours on this whimsical pouch is sure to brighten up your day. 

Japanese-Inspired Fabric Journal, $16.50

Bounded in aesthetically pleasing Japanese-inspired fabric, each of these journals is unique in design and is the perfect canvas for thoughts and memories.

Satay Mug & Coaster Set, $18.90​​

Cuten up any house with this Satay Mug & Coaster Set.

$20 - $30

Magnet Button Canvas Bag With Printed Paintings By CPAS GROW Trainees, $21.50

Add a splash of colours to your life with these beautiful and hardy canvas bags.

Thermal Mug – Chai Chee Shophouse, $22

Keep your favourite beverage warm with this beautiful thermal mug.

Signature Pottery Coffee Mug (Retro SplashIink), $26.75

These pottery products are handmade, and each piece is unique. They are specially designed and processed by youths with special needs.

Batik Teddy, $30

The perfect gift for someone who loves beautiful colours and teddy bears. Each teddy bear is handmade with batik of unique prints and colours. The arms and legs are also movable, so your bears can sit or stand.

Unisex T-Shirt – Flamingo, $30

These hip t-shirts are the go-to-wear for those who favour design and comfort. Designed by an artist with special needs.

$30 - $50

Fennel - Cardholder case, $33

Adorn style and class with this cardholder case made with premium leather.

Jolly Gift Box, $35.31

Satisfy any munchies with this Jolly Gift Box, which comes with halal-certified and vegetarian cookies.

Why do hunters hunt animals when they can hunt for gold?, $35

Share your love for animals with these whimsical books.  This is the perfect gift for those who love reading, children and adults alike.

Tiger on Vespa | Latte Mug (12oz, $39.90

This stylish mug features a tiger on a vespa. A perfect gift for those who love art and humour.

Kindness, $48.15

This calligraphy artwork features the Chinese character for the word “kindness”. A wonderful reminder that kindness is all around us!

$50 - $100

Christmas Gift Basket, $59.92

Taste the warmth of Christmas with this Gift Basket, which consists of halal-certified and vegetarian cookies baked by youths with mild intellectual disability and autism.

Sparkling Surprise, $75.90

Painting – Autumn in Hokkaido, $80

Gift the experience of Autumn in Hokkaido with this watercolour painting.

Flamingo Hamper Bag, $95

Lovers of Flamingos will be delighted with this Hamper Bag, which comes with Flamingo-themed items – from a pouch to a travel tumbler.

Tea Caddies (Set of 2), $100

Store your finest tea in these exquisitely-made Tea Caddies. Classy, intricate and detailed, these jars are perfect for those who love the finest of goods.

Infuse meaning and joy this Christmas by shopping for handcrafted gifts made by persons with disabilities now!

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