Sustainable and Festive Gift Guide With Fairmarch: 7 Eco-Friendly Gifts To Get For Everyone On Your List

The tiny decisions we make as customers on a daily basis can have a significant influence on the environment. The environmental clock is ticking, and it’s past time to consider Earth’s demands before purchasing. Take the first step by shopping ethically and sustainably during this holiday season through our Eco-friendly gift guide.

We’ve complied a selection of sustainable gifts from stationery to cleaning products.

These products are all sustainably-sourced and produced, and made from low-impact materials that won’t leave a dent on the environment. Feel good about giving while also reducing your environmental impact.

What is Fairmarch?

With the vision of a future where every dollar spent contributes to a better world, Fairmarch is a marketplace for socially and environmentally responsible products, empowering businesses that have a socially driven mission. So go ahead, indulge yourself in some guilt-free shopping now!

Recycled Paper Seed Pens – Gift Box, $13.95

These unusual pen gift boxes are made of waste paper rather than virgin wood and make a great present for people of all ages. These environmentally friendly pens are created from recycled pens and use a standard ball point refill. These recycled paper seed pens will add a touch of class to your stationery collection.

All-Purpose Cleaning Tablets (Set Of 3 Tabs), $14.90

The perfect gift for everyone. This all-purpose cleaning tablet uses plant based cleaning power which is made with non-toxic, eco-friendly chemical and naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients cleans, through any surface.

This powerful cleaning tablet cuts through oil, spills, and sticky messes with ease, making cleanup a breeze. Each tablet yields 500ml of non-toxic cleaning solution with a flowery scent, making it incredibly long-lasting and leaving your home smelling divine.

12oz HuskeeCup with Lid, $22

This gift is versatile and can be used anywhere for any occasion, making it the ideal zero waste gift for all coffee connoisseurs, cafe owners, and home users. Coffee husk, an organic waste material created during the milling stage of coffee manufacture, is used as a raw material in the cup. The cup is available in a stylish charcoal colour.

Orangutan – 39cm,$25

This cute and fluffy high-quality orangutan soft toy, which has a Blue Angel Standard certification for soft toys seeking for health and environmental benefits, is a fantastic present for children and toddlers. 

Coconut Body Wash, $28

A well-deserved self care gift for any of your loved ones. This plant-based waterless everyday use body wash is suitable for those with Sensitive Skin. Enriched with natural oils that deeply moisturises and hydrates the body this body wash Tends to last twice as long compared to regular body washes.

Tiger Cub T-shirts, $30

These tiger cub shirts are cool to the touch and highly comfortable, thanks to the use of environmentally friendly bamboo fiber. Do you want to twin with your children? The shirts are not only trendy, but they can also be worn by both children and adults. The proceeds from the sale of these shirts go straight to tiger conservation, so buy one to support this cause.

MusicCloth® Gold Clutch Bag weaved out of cassette tapes, $218

A lovely and opulent-looking bag that would be ideal for a night out. When you carry this bag, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd due to its unique style. This classic gold clutch bag which took 24 hours to complete represents one to two cassette tapes or video tapes and was created as part of an initiative to decrease e-waste while also giving the product a new lease on life. Each clutch bag comes with unique pattern and colour combination!

If your still stumped on what to get for your loved ones this Christmas, visit to check out more sustainable products. Be different and Make a change this holiday season to be apart of sustainability.

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