Arts@Metta Artisans With Disabilities Overcomes Challenges To Create Beautiful Batik Artwork

As part of a “We are Empowered” series, we have partnered Greendot Media Pte Ltd to share uplifting stories of individuals who have faced challenging circumstances and how they have chosen to live their lives.

Having to learn a new skill is never easy for everyone and batik painting 🎨 is no exception for Chee Meng and Jozie, artisans with disabilities from Arts@Metta. They felt frustrated when they couldn’t do a perfect batik painting piece. But with patience and encouragement from their instructors, they have overcome their challenges in batik painting and are now confident of doing breathtaking art pieces.

Find out more about their journey at Arts@Metta and check out their beautiful work too! 🖼️ Every purchase contributes to building a #BetterWorld! Check out their store now. 

Video credit: Greendot Media Pte Ltd

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