7 Heartfelt Yet Meaningful Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we have something special for you and your moms! The perfect occasion to show your love and appreciation to her – paired with our specially curated gift bundles, will definitely bring a warm smile to her face, and make her feel loved. Giving doesn’t have to be so hard. Not only are you giving a meaningful gift for your moms, but you are also giving back to society by supporting the social enterprises that are backing this campaign! Read on to see what surprises are in store for you.

Fairmarch, Exclusive Bloom Bundles, $88-$130 

With a sweet treat paired with an elegant bouquet of fresh flowers, your mom will definitely be awed by the beautiful balance of both items.

Featuring two bundles – Crunchy Teeth Cake with bloom bouquet bundle at $130, and the Flower Power Cookies with mini bloom bouquet bundle at $88. 

What’s more is that every purchase is also entitled to free local delivery, which is simply hassle-free! The confectioneries are produced by social enterprises Crunchy Teeth and Flour Power, that aim to create jobs and an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities such as ASD, and for people recovering from mental illnesses, providing them with a steady income and equipping them with new skills.

Bead by Bead, Mother’s Day Set, $39

Bead by Bead’s exclusive range of Mother’s Day sets consisting of handmade coffee soaps and drip coffee from Ho Tit will definitely appeal to the moms out there who are coffee and scent lovers! The coffee soap is made of a Shea butter base, with coffee powder residues mixed in for the soft gentle scrub-clean feel on the skin. No fragrance, no colour pigments, no additives. Just a hint of natural Shea butter scent.

Each set also includes one DIY message frame set to top it off with your own personalised message to your mom.
This product is created by Bead by Bead, which is founded by Aisha and Yueting, two mothers with autistic children with a mission to empower persons with autism to gain meaningful employment

Rehyphen MusicCloth Gold Clutch Bag, $218

Featuring an iconic gold clutch bag which are weaved from discarded cassette tapes and video tapes, this trendy bag will surely catch your attention! With each purchase, 10% of proceeds are giving to UN Foundation to create a better world. You will also receive a small card with a code – a refreshable digital mixtape specially curated for each city! This product is brought to you by Rehyphen®, an up-cycling initiative whereby we collect discarded cassette tapes from local and weave them into a piece of MusicCloth® as an effort to reduce and eliminate e-waste while giving the product new life.

Hush TeaBar, Hush-In-A-Box, $88

(From left to right: Delectably Robust, Sweetly Intimate, Simply Romantic, Undoubtedly Quirky, Freshly Tranquil)

Featuring a set with five types of tea, tea lights, and a notebook, this is the perfect gift for the moms out there who enjoy their little tranquil moments in their lives. Their tea blends consist of five flavours – Delectably Robust, Freshly Tranquil, Sweetly Intimate, Undoubtedly Quirky, and Simply Romantic. This wonderful tea set will definitely promise relaxing breaks and rest for your beloved mother. Bring her in for this sweet treat! Hush TeaBar is a social enterprise that is led by the Deaf supported by PLMHEs (persons with lived mental health experiences).

Evol Studio, Handmade Mother’s Day Keychain, $18

A simple and heartfelt gift, Evol Studio’s handmade keychain is a great gift for moms who like small trinkets that are easy to carry around. With 3 different variations, why not get this cute Mother’s Day keychain that your mom can carry around with her too? Evol Studio is a project set up by a group of mother-youth pairs who are determined to show the world their potentials.

Muse Project, Handcrafted Decorative Board and Trinket Tray, $139

Is your mom perhaps a fan of culinary accessories? Why not check out these beautifully made trinket trays and cheese boards by the Muse Project? The designs feature a special tribute to the special playgrounds that our parents used to spend their leisure time at, which will definitely evoke some fond memories for your mom! Made with high grade handcrafted fused glass, proprietary UV resistant inks that are food-safe, this will definitely be the best gift for a culinary geek mom! The MUSE Project (tMp) aims to bring to our customers beautifully curated quality lifestyle products using artwork drawn by persons with special needs.

TOUCH, JOURNEY Satin Scarf, $95

A collective masterpiece by 12 artists with special needs, featuring a tasteful mélange of abstract brushstrokes – an interpretation of silhouettes inspired by Singapore’s lush gardens. A soft, satin scarf that can be used for different fashionable purposes, to match with your mom’s OOTD! Comes with free shipping with every purchase too. JOURNEY supports over 60 artists from TOUCH Community Services – a local charity that conducts an art programme for people with intellectual disabilities. Through JOURNEY, these artists can earn an income from the sale of their art and gain access to opportunities for collaborations that showcase their talent and tenacity. 

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