Feast Meaningfully This Christmas with Iron Nori

Mark this festive season with joy and meaning at Iron Nori, a home-grown restaurant with a mission of giving back to the community. Besides channelling part of its profits to support the underprivileged, Iron Nori also hires people with special needs or intellectual disability in its kitchen and restaurant.

To commemorate this yearโ€™s season of giving, Iron Nori is launching their Christmas Set, which comes with an appetiser, soup, entree of choice and dessert.

Our differently-abled team tried (some of) the food at their invite for a food-tasting session and hereโ€™s our review.

Appetiser – Scallop Mouse with Smoke Salmon Roulade

The appetiser was a salad scallop mousse wrapped in smoked salmon topped with ebiko and raspberry vinaigrette. The scallop mouse lent the dish a savoury and salty kick, which balanced off nicely from the tangy and refreshing vinaigrette.

The soup was unavailable at the time of our tasting.

Entree – Grilled Wagyu Ribeye Steak and Pan Seared Salmonโ€จ

The Pan-seared Salmon was a little overdone but still managed to retain its juiciness. It also came with a generous portion of crispy softshell crab, mashed potatoes and baked winter vegetables, topped with hollandaise sauce to complement the seafood. The crunch of the softshell crab paired with the smooth mashed potatoes made for a very tasty combination.

The Wagyu Steak was perfectly done, which melted in our mouths within seconds. The braised beef brisket in red wine sauce was tender and tasty. Sides served included baked potatoes and winter vegetables.

Dessert – Pandan Coconut Logcake

To end on a sweet note, Iron Nori offered the Traditional Chocolate Logcake or the Pandan Coconut Logcake. We tried the Pandan Coconut Logcake. Think fluffy pandan-flavoured cake with a layer of savoury buttercream, topped with coconut shavings and macarons. We loved how the sweetness of the pandan cake was balanced by the savouriness of the buttercream. The snow-themed figurines made the cake look extra festive. If you are looking to try something different this year, get the Pandan Coconut Logcake.

Check out the Christmas menu for dine-in.

Visit their Iron Nori for dine-in at 9 Wang 9 Jalan Wangi Singapore 349354.

What is available for delivery orders

Only the roasted items and Christmas log cakes – Chocolate and Pandan Coconut. They can be ordered here
Alternatively, call or WhatsApp to 8722 1200 to place an order.

Information about delivery orders

1. Delivery fees start from $6 onwards, depending on the distance.

2. Call +65 8722 1200 or +65 6245 2827 immediately after ordering, and not less than 3 days before collection

3.ย  Orders can be self-collected at Iron Nori, 9 Jalan Wangi Singapore 349354.

What is available for same-day and next-day delivery and self-collection

Christmas cookies and chocolate and pandan coconut log cakes

Last day of Christmas orders

Till 31 December 2020

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