Special Stay-Home Edition: 7 Christmas Gift ideas

A Cosy Stay-Home Christmas Awaits

No better time and reason to stay home and cosy up with your loved ones this Christmas. With Phase 3 still yet to be announced, we say let us make the best of this year-end and enjoy the festivities as it always should be- filled with love and content (and gifts!). With a list of presents best enjoyed at home, let Fairmarch help you and your loved ones recreate Hygge, as what they call it in Danish, a sense of warmth and comfort this Christmas.

What is Fairmarch?

With the vision of a future where every dollar spent contributes to a better world, Fairmarch is a marketplace for socially and environmentally responsible products, empowering businesses that have a socially driven mission. So go ahead, indulge yourself in some guilt-free shopping now!

Hands down the year of quiet reflecting moments, why not get a journal to jot those precious thoughts down? Hand bounded with love by the craftsmen and women with physical disabilities at Society for the Physically Disabled, these limited-edition journals are hugged so gently by a Japanese fabric sleeve, allowing your friend with that travel itch to relive a little Nihon adventure.

Iron Nori – Honey Baked Ham, $69

What is a mini party (remember, 5 guests only! Santaโ€™s watching) without some succulent, juicy, mouth-watering honey baked ham? If that is not tempting enough, all meals purchased will support employment and the livelihood of Iron Nori’s special needs employees. Good ham and good karma? Why not!

MDAS – All-in-One Urban Farming Starter Kit, $20.80

With more time spent indoors, why not jazz up your place with greens, even better, edible greens! Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)’s all-in-one urban farming kit has all the essentials, including surprise vegetable seeds, needed to kick start your loved one’s farming journey. Say goodbye to supermarket runs to get fresh produce in no time! Dream big!

Botanicals and Bees-ย  Scent 008 Spa Day โ€“ Handpoured Scented Soy Candles, $26

Nothing puts the household in a relaxed festive mood than some naturally smelling soy candles. With candles from Botanicals and Bees, enjoy soaking in sweet Christmas vibes, while knowing that a percentage of the profits from your gift will go to supporting education for beneficiaries in Cambodia and the Philippines. Win-win!

Coco Veda- Virgin Coconut Body Wash โ€“ Moisturing & Lavender (300ml), $25.20

December is unbeatably the best time to treat yourself and your loved ones. For starters, how about pampering your skin by showering in body wash infused with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and other plant-based essential oils? With coconuts sustainably obtained by farmers and products handmade by women in the Philippines, this environmentally responsible spa product by Coco Veda will be a gift suitable for all loved ones! (Because everyone showers, right?)

Singapore Wildcat Action Group – Tiger Cub Tshirts, $30

Be it lounge wear for easy gatherings or casual outdoors wear for some family fun, Singapore Wildcat Action Groupโ€™s Tshirts will fit any occasion- Christmas or not. Made with environmentally friendly bamboo material, these tiger tees are exceptionally soft and comfy, definitely a crowd pleaser for our tropical weather. Tshirts come in various sizes so we say it is time to go matchy matchy for the whole family!

Chocolate Mousse Cake – $68

Indulge yourself in this chocolate mousse cake by APSN Cafe! Freshly baked with feuilletine crisp then blanketed with decadently smooth chocolate, say yes to a little dessert to close the year! Halal certified, cakes are handcrafted and baked by talented special needs trainees from APSN Bakery Enterprise. Yummy with a capital Y!

More More More!

This is the season for giving so donโ€™t stop with this list, help yourself to more Christmas gifting options here.

This article is written by our volunteer writer, Valerie Ong.

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