5 Fun And Practical Housewarming Gifts With Social Impact


Warm up the house with these thoughtful gifts 

Whether for newly-weds, singles or families, moving into a new house in Singapore is a momentous occasion that marks a new beginning. As friends or guests, we all want to gift things that not only are stylish, but would not be stashed away in the drawer because it’s not very useful.

Here are 5 things that we have curated from Fairmarch that are perfect as housewarming gifts while also catering to all budget ranges. 

Design For Good, Anthurium Rug, $39.90

round rug
Nothing speaks sincerity like a hand-crafted gift – like this beautiful Anthurium rug hand-woven by eight Cambodian seamstresses. The story behind these craftswomen is equally meaningful; prior to their current vocation, they scavenged litter to get by. Hence, each rug is not only a continuation of the traditional Cambodian craft but also one small step towards achieving the women’s dreams of having their own home. With both comfort and durability, these cotton rugs are a colourful and practical addition to any home.


The Muse Project, Placemat and Coaster set- Playgrounds of Past & Present, $39.90
1 placemat and 4 coasters depicting Singapore icons

Practicality meets style with this set of one jumbo Placemat (19.5 cm x 19.5 cm) and four coasters (9.5 cm x 9.5 cm). They feature the whimsical tributes of Singapore’s iconic buildings like Victoria Concert Hall, Jewel at Changi Airport, National Gallery, the old Cathay Cinema, and more.

More than just evoking memories of music and play, this set will surely see use during special gatherings or daily meals since it is made with corkboard and thick laminated images that can withstand up to 220 degree Celsius.

The evocative painting featured is a collaborative piece by artists Douglas Leong and Jtmuses (Joyce Tan), born under a mentor/mentee arrangement overseen by The MUSE Project, which produces artwork drawn by persons with special needs.

Botanical & Bees, Reed Diffusers, $33.90

Rbox of rattan sticks, bottle of fragrance oil

They say a home is defined by its smell, so help your friends or family get their home smelling great with these reed diffusers. Consisting of rattan sticks and fragrance oil, this is a hassle-free and smoke-free way to provide non-stop fragrance. Choose from a total of 7 scents, from the woody but refreshing Walk In Nature to the soothing and refreshing Relax. What’s more, 20 per cent of sales proceeds go to sponsored children in Cambodia and Philippines, helping them attain education. These children are beneficiaries of Botanicals And Bees, the local store behind Reed Diffusers. WIth them, we can make the world smell and smile better.

Foreword Coffee Roasters,  Brew Bags – 4 x Box of 16, $120.00

4 stacked sets of Coffee Foreword brew bags
The classic coffee gift is reliable for a reason – people love coffee! These 4 boxes of 16 brew bags each boasts flavours like Yunan Lafu, Pong’s Honey, Diversity Bland and Laos Xam Tai. Guaranteed to impress any palate, these are also made by Foreword Coffee Roasters, a social enterprise and cafe which hires and empowers persons with disabilities and special needs. Now we can add more meaning to every sip.

Rehyphen, MusicCloth® Fu Poster, $140

This quirky poster is hand-weaved with exclusive cassette tape albums from Chinese singers from the 70s and 80s to spell out the Chinese character for “fortune”. When hung upside down, it translates to “fortune arrives” in the mandarin language.

Made by Rehyphen, an up-cycling initiative where discarded cassette tapes are turned into a lightweight and sound-absorbing material called MusicCloth®, this good-looking poster might just bring good luck and promote sustainability for the family lucky enough to receive it.

Bring warmth to other lives

Now that you’ve chosen your housewarming gifts, why not warm up other lives too? Fairmarch is a social enterprise and a marketplace which empowers our partners to maximise their contributions to society. Support environmentally-sustainable products or products that enable the differently-abled by visiting Fairmarch now!

Wee Tee

Wee Tee

Weetee Neu has written for publications such as 8DAYS, SPH magazines, Tripzilla and others. He believes in equity for all, and tries to support creation of social impact when he can. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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