5 sustainable daily-needs products to buy in Singapore

Sustainable Products Are Our Future

In Singapore, an average of 1.76 billion plastic items is used which work out to covering 126 Gardens By The Bays, 94 Olympic-sized swimming pools and land mass of 3 Sentosa Islands. 

Globally, plastic waste disposed of at landfills and in the oceans causes problems like water pollution. Also the plastic particles find their way back into our bodies and also hurts marine life, among others.

We can help to alleviate the problem with the use of sustainable products, which will not only cut down on plastic use, but also reduces our exposure to harmful chemicals found in plastic, like BPA. 

Here are 5 sustainable products to help with your daily needs:

Gron Carbon Absorbing Toothbrush, $4.90

3 toothbrushes

Why use a plastic toothbrush when there is a magical one that absorbs carbon and can help save the Earth? Made with responsibly-sourced, non polluting biodegradable and organic materials. this Gronbrush is thoughtfully designed with protecting the environment and fighting climate change in mind.

For every Gron toothbrush sold, a tree will be planted. By getting their toothbrush, our Mother Earth will thank you for feeding it with more oxygen  – yay! 

Simply Good All-Purpose Cleaning Tablets, $14.90

simply good cleaning tablets

Normally, detergents used to wash dishes come in single-use plastic bottles. But Simply Good  all-purpose cleaning tablets are formulated with naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients. Their environment-friendly tablets can be dissolved in water filled in reusable bottles/sprays, thus saving on plastic waste.  The best is to be yet –  you will be bowled over by its mighty cleaning prowess that wipes out grease and stains effectively!

Purple and Pure Shopping Essential Gift Pack, $32

reusable bags

Say bye-bye to plastic bags and bring out Purple & Pure reusable bags made with earth-friendly fabirc for grocery shopping.

This set of three shopping bags includes one cotton bag and one mesh bag made of 100% organic cotton, and one muslin bag made of 100% muslin. They are also 100% GOTS-certified. The production of organic cotton uses less energy resources that translate to reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 60%!

These bags are a shopping essential and a must-buy for everyone who wants to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Foreword Coffee HuskeeCups, $64

foreword coffee huskee cups

These  Foreword Coffee 12oz Huskeecups are made for home users and coffee-drinkers on the go. These stylish cups are made from coffee husks. In addition to using repurposed waste material, these keep your coffee warm for a long time and are comfortable to hold, dishwasher-friendly and also BPA-free.

Rehyphen MusicCloth® Tote Bag, $260

rehyphen tote bag

Make a nostalgic statement with Rehyphen MusicCloth® Tote Bag made of discarded cassette tapes! Artisans took a total of 48 hours to finish weaving this bag, which handle is made of Italian Buttero premium vegetable-tanned leather stripe known for its durable qualities.

Searching for more sustainable products?

Check out our website and choose from a variety of options to start using things that can help us to save our environment.

Which sustainable products will  you make to help the environment?

If you have time to spare, here’s a little about Fairmarch: We are a social enterprise that empowers our partners to maximise their contributions to society. In simpler words, the products you see are not only socially and environmentally responsible, they are all made by fellow social enterprises, which in turn employ and empower persons with disabilities. 

Wee Tee

Wee Tee

Weetee Neu has written for publications such as 8DAYS, SPH magazines, Tripzilla and others. He believes in equity for all, and tries to support creation of social impact when he can. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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