5 Memorable, Practical, And Affordable Gift Ideas For Teacher’s Day In Singapore

It’s payback time for our favourite teachers.

Regardless of our background, we all have encountered teachers that left an impression on us. These caring and wise educators imparted certain values or lessons that, for some reason, we still hold dear. Our growth into who we are today wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether it is your current teacher in school or a long bygone benefactor, it is never too late (or too early) to show a sincere and meaningful token of appreciation. If anything, it is our time to teach them a lesson…on how to give good presents. And don’t worry, the gifts we have curated cater to all budget ranges.

Gifts with a social cause

Oh, and speaking of giving back, buying from Fairmarch means you are supporting products made by social enterprises. In (much) simpler words, your purchase helps make society a better and fairer place. To find out more, visit Fairmarch today.

Bead by Bead, Square Glycerin Soap
blue soap with a pouch

Square Glycerin Soap, $10

In view of the current Covid situation, few gifts beat a portable glycerin soap housed in a cute handmade pouch. All the hand-washing, none of the hassle. No soap in the toilet? No problem. To top if off, the soap is made of glycerin, a natural humectant which hydrates the skin and improves its texture. Glycerin is also said to aid with treating skin disorders like dry skin or wounds. This product is created by Bead by Bead, which is founded by Aisha and Yueting, two mothers with autistic children with a mission to empower persons with autism to gain meaningful employment. 

Arts@Metta Batik Painting Tumbler
tumbler with paintings of flowers

Batik Painting Tumbler ($10.00)

One of the more ubiquitous gifts, the tumbler is a thoughtful and practical item that anyone can use. But these Batik Painting Tumblers have both practicality and design. They feature unique and original batik paintings by Arts@Metta, which is an initiative started by Metta Welfare Association to equip special needs graduates from Metta School with life skills that promote employment. These beautiful and colourful designs make them a perfect gift for anyone with an eye for the aesthetic. In any case, who doesn’t want an eye-candy equivalent of a water bottle? Great gift!

SPD x TNE (Typewritten Poem) Journal A5 – CELEBRATION
orange journal with a poem

SPD x TNE (Typewritten Poem) Journal A5 – CELEBRATION ($28.00)

To pen down one’s gratitude is to say it forever. With this in mind, why not give your teacher something to write in? What’s special about this journal is that it is a collaboration between SPD (Society for the Physically Disabled) and The Novel Encounter, a celebrated online bookstore. Each of the journals is bound with 100gsm ivory-colored pH-neutral paper, tenderly taken to task by SDP’s team of experienced craftsmen and women with physical disabilities. Rounding off this gift is a personalised and uplifting poem on the face of the book, words crafted by the founder of The Novel Encounter. There are three poems and 12 colours to choose from.

Foreword Coffee, HuskeeCup & Brew Bags Bundle
foreword bundle of coffee packs and mugs

HuskeeCup & Brew Bags Bundle ($25.90)

Who doesn’t love coffee? This bundle is a dream come true for educators who toil the night marking papers or preparing lessons, only to rise early in the morning to start a day of learning and teaching. This bundle, which contains a 6oz HuskeeCup, a Huskee pouch and 4 brew bags, is prepared with love by Foreword Coffee Roasters, a social enterprise and cafe which hires and empowers persons with disabilities and special needs.

The Muse Project Ware, SG Shophouses-enamel mugs (set of 2)
2 enamel mugs with artwork of Esplande and Merlion

SG Shophouses-enamel mugs (set of 2) ($30.00)

These pretty mugs feature Singapore shophouses along Koon Seng Road, a slowly disappearing heritage that is now immortalised by differently-abled artist Douglas Leong. Great for camping or house-use, these sturdy and quaint ware are environmentally friendly with a splash of the outdoors built into its aesthetic. They make for a great gift for someone who loves our heritage or prefer the stylish look over more mundane cups.

Delight your teacher on Teachers’ Day 

Still undecided on the perfect show of appreciation? Fret not! Check out our curated collection of Teachers’ Day gifts now! 

Wee Tee

Wee Tee

Weetee Neu has written for publications such as 8DAYS, SPH magazines, Tripzilla and others. He believes in equity for all, and tries to support creation of social impact when he can. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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