Wesley Wee’s Story of Resilience and Perseverance Against The Odds

“In the depth of winter, I finally learnt that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

If life were a storybook, we would probably choose to skip the first few chapters of Wesley Wee’s. If his life were a movie, we would probably close our eyes for the first half of it. When I read Wesley’s story for the first time, it was heart-wrenching and almost unimaginable. It was fraught with hardships and difficult experiences that we would not wish on anyone. And yet, many of us would be unable to close the book or pause the movie because above it all, his strength and perseverance greatly overshadowed the adversities in his life.

Now, you might be wondering: What’s so special about this Wesley Wee?

Photo credit: Wesley Wee’s book “Finding Happiness Against The Odds”

Wesley’s life beset with the difficulties

Not much, when it comes to our hopes and dreams – to be financially independent, start a family and own your own home. But yet his circumstances are extraordinary. Born with cerebral palsy, Wesley faced, and still does face, difficulties in his movements. He struggles with the little things most take for granted every day, from eating to showering. Beyond that, his childhood was rife with emotional and physical abuse. His parents were unable to accept him and did not even want to name him. The world truly seemed dark and bleak.

Staying resilient 

Yet, even when the odds were stacked against him, he had the strength to seek out the light. He made the most out of his time in school, even though it was not always smooth-sailing. There were days he could not attend school when there were no amenities for the disabled to travel, making the journey to school impossible. Even as he grew older, he continued picking up new skills, one being how to use a computer.

The computer helped Wesley to use his email, to read the news and learn even more from the Internet. But most importantly, he was able to reach out to others and made friends. It was through the Internet and a mutual friend that he had found someone who he shared deep thoughts with and someone who cared for and loved him – his wife of nine years, Lorena.

The love of his life

Aside from his grandmother and a few treasured friends, Wesley had always been unwanted and discriminated against by his family and even strangers. Many people were unable to see past his disability, and even his mother had told him that he would never get married. When he met Lorena, the love and compassion that she had for him were in stark contrast. “When I was going to marry him, my mother cried and asked me if I really wanted this. But one thing I knew was that I wanted to care for him,” she shared. Despite the difficulties that were in their path, their faith and love gave the duo happiness even against the odds.

Finding happiness against the odds

An inspiring story of resilience and determination amidst tremendous hardship, it is a much-needed reminder to appreciate the little things we usually take for granted and to look beyond disability. You can find his book “Finding Happiness Against The Odds” and more about him here. Article written by Dorine, expressing her reflections on “Finding Impossible Happiness Against The Odds”

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